I’m going to start blogging again!

We have been computer/internet-less for over a year, but now we’re back in business!


Family Fun Day

Today was “Family Fun Day” at the community where my grandmother lives. The kids had a BLAST!

First, cotton candy! We all love to see cotton candy machines. The kids love to eat it, of course, and I love that it’s a treat that is allergy free 🙂

Then we got balloon animals from the purple haired clown:

Rory and Daisy got sharks. Elliot got a killer whale.

After lunch and ice cream, we went outside to see the visiting petting zoo! Elliot especially was excited to see real a live cow, sheep, horse, donkey, llama, goat, rabbit, pig, chicken, and rooster!

Even better, after petting all the animals, everyone got to go for pony rides! Rory loved it so much, he waited in line FOUR TIMES so that he could ride again!

Daisy rode twice, and she was very happy about it too 🙂

Even if she doesn’t look particularly thrilled, lol.

But Elliot was the cutest 🙂 I wasn’t going to have him ride at first, because I thought he’d be too small and get scared. But he kept begging, “I ride a horsie!” so we decided to give it a try! He did great, and was very proud of himself. He even talked to the woman leading his pony, and he’s usually shy around strangers!

While Rory was doing his 3rd, 4th, and 5th pony ride, Daisy and Elliot wanted to get their faces painted!

Pink and purple with sparkles; it doesn’t get much better than this!

Elliot was very insistent on what he wanted painted. I tried to talk him out of it at first, because he picked a WHOLE FACE painting…but he wouldn’t let it go, even though we waited in line for over 20 minutes.

He just kept insisting.


He sat still through the entire process, and although he was a little freaked out when he first looked in the mirror, after a minute he decided he looked pretty cool 🙂

Of course, I don’t think the real Spiderman would have fallen asleep so quickly on the way home!

More Elliotese

Pla-buh-poom: Peanut butter spoon. Also just peanut butter, but by the spoonful is his favorite way to eat it.

Um-on: Carry me or pick me up. I think because when I pick him up, I often say, “come on up.”

Bee-bal-el or owm-bal-el: Water bottle. Literally, “big bottle” or “own bottle.” Big bottle usually means he wants some of MY water, own bottle means he’s not giving it back.

‘Nake bee-lot: Snake bracelet. His MedicAlert bracelet, which has the “staff and serpent” symbol on it. He’s had it on for almost a year, but only recently began paying attention to it and showing it off.

Toddler Talk

Elliot talks almost as much as his older siblings now…but not quite as clearly.

I love the way he pronounces things!

Beebee soup: Bathing suit.

Ree-rop: Robot. Elliot likes to pretend to be a ree-rop and does a great ree-rop voice! He even has a ree-rop beebee soup.

Kickey Mouse: That one is pretty obvious. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of his top favorite tv shows.

Oh Gabby!: Yo Gabba Gabba. Another favorite tv show.

Way-go-go:  Diego (as in Go, Diego, Go).

Ha-sick-o: Motorcycle.

Daddy-bee-twuck: All big trucks are Daddy’s Big Truck.

Ha-co: Helicopter. This one took me a long time to figure out, lol.

Butson: Basement OR button. Very confusing.

And then there’s his favorite phrase, which needs no translation:


Usually followed a minute later by, “Hep, peese, Mommy!”

(He has very good manners;))

Buried Treasure

We went to a play center this afternoon. Elliot’s favorite thing to do is play in a little ball pit. Daisy got in with him and started a new game 🙂

Daisy: Cover me in! Cover me all up!

Me: You want me to bury you in the balls?

Daisy: Yes! Bury me up!

I cover her completely, and hear her shout: I’m BURIED TREASURE!

Elliot then demanded to be buried as well, and yelled: TREASURE!

We did this several times.

Daisy: I’m a treasure BOX!

Me: Oh yeah? A whole box of treasure? What are you filled with?


Nature Center Field Trip

Feeding the turtles with our homeschooling group.

Easter 2010

Finally, Easter morning!

Digging into their buckets:

Elliot’s favorite item was a “shiny ball.” He’s slept with it almost every night since!

Rory’s favorite was a pack of multiplication flash cards. The Easter Bunny sure knows his stuff 😉

The egg hunt was very exciting.